I have studied Japanese wooden joinery techniques and employed them in the building of the curving oak roof. I looked far and wide and found a source for 100 year old oak lumber. It was hard as steel and very difficult to fashion the sweeping shape. The Finished roof outdoors on my bench felt and looked like a mythological boat from the Greek Myth of Charon ferrying the dead across the river Styx when it appeared after the weeks long blur of my hands and tools. I spent many a 3 am thinking about what the next day's ferrying and sculpting battle would bring.


I find it lugubriously comical that I think so often about afterlives and pre-lives.  My work is designed to live countless lives so I guess that's how I will time travel.

Note the tools in all these work photos.  I include them because I spend so many hours with them that they have become good friends.  And they feed me.  What more could one ask for ?


This stone, copper, stainless and glass door I built in July 2020 to honor my parents. It marks the base of a tall tower I have added to our family home and studio.

WINTERWOOD is our Giverney in Connecticut. 

And here, amidst the splendor of hundreds of wild birds I feed daily, I created a vertical tableau of a stone bird's nest. The green flower is my mother and the brown flower  is my father.

Many more images of WINTERWOOD will follow. It is my largest and most devoted living sculpture, some day to be a museum of my and my parent's work and a working gallery / studio.  Stay tuned.

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